The Dialogues are chances to meet and discuss the opportunities that are born from the synergy between art, science and enterprise. At the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, the Dialogues offer innovative and concrete experiences which will stimulate, inspire, and open participants to the challenges facing the worlds of research, business, and civil society. At the Dialogues, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, creative professionals, and experts on the relevant themes will participate in each meeting. The goal is to present some of the more significant experiences in several selected areas and to identify opportunities for connections between enterprise, scientists and artists related to the express needs of the territory and its inhabitants.

3 MAY 2013

Filippo Ongaro

Filippo Ongaro

Doctor, writer, and scientific divulgator, Filippo Ongaro was the doctor of the astronauts at the European Space Agency (ESA) and has collaborated with NASA and the Russian Space Agency. Regarded a pioneer of the European anti-aging medicine, Ongaro is scientific director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging (ISMERIAN) in Treviso and Vice-President of the Italian Anti-Aging Doctors Association.

In 2008 he published Le 10 Chiavi della salute (Salus), in 2011 Mangia che ti passa (Piemme), in 2012 always with Mangia che dimagrisci and in April 2013 Mangiare Ci Fa Belli (Piemme). He collaborates with numerous newspapers and magazines and is a regular contributor of Essere Benessere, regularly broadcasted on Radio 24. In addition to being a frequent guest on many television programs, on LA7 Ongaro has co-led the television broadcast Dottori in Prima Linea and is one of the faces of DeASapere, a De Agostini thematic
channel on Sky 420.

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